Dr SMARRITO stephane - Aesthetic surgeon FMH

Dr. Smarrito is swiss aesthetic surgeon who founded RIVIERAclinic clinics (Vevey and Lausanne) specializing in outpatient aesthetic surgery, aesthetic lasers and cosmeticmedicine.

He has been practicing surgery for 25 years and has developed an internationally recognized expertise in beauty surgery.
He has performed more than 10,000 cosmetic procedures, after his hospital training as Chief of Clinic at the Paris Hospitals. He has been Chief of Clinic of the children's plastic surgery department at Saint-Vincent de Paul, Chief of Clinic of the burns department at Saint Antoine Hospital, Chief of Aesthetic Surgery at Rotschild Hospital (known as the best French department in aesthetics), he has also worked at the Curie Institute for post breast cancer reconstructive surgery.

The surgeon's areas of expertise include aesthetic breast surgery, body surgery, eyelid surgery and laser blepharoplasty, male surgery with liposuction, gynecomastia and body contouring.

He is also a world expert in intimate surgery techniques, including laser nymphoplasty and sex lifting. He is the inventor of the new cryoliposuction technique that revolutionizes the treatment of localized excess fat in the abdomen. He has developed new procedures for facial rejuvenation by stem cell injection, including cell boost and facial gold rejuvenation. He has been a pioneer in laser surgery (blepharoplasty, face) for many years.
He is also an expert in hyaluronic acid injection techniques and organizes master classes on the subject. He has improved lip enhancement techniques with the BIBI LIPS technique.

In RIVIERAclinic clinics, exclusive MCE and SAPHIRE hair transplants are performed. RIVIERAclinic clinics have a complete technical platform for aesthetics, including the latest PICOSURE facial lasers.
In addition, he participates in numerous world congresses as a speaker, chairman or operator for live sessions.

Patients can benefit from numerous aesthetic procedures at the RIVIERAclinic in VEVEY according to the exclusive 1 DAY RIVIERAclinic SURGERY concept. During this day, everything has been thought out to perform a state-of-the-art surgery with the comfort, safety and Swiss know-how while returning to one's home or hotel the same evening.

Dr. SMARRITO is committed to a human, easy and friendly relationship with his patients, while combining precision and technical expertise in the service of excellence, recognized by all.

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