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Managing director
Languages: Russian – French – English – German

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Marina Werbitzky has a strong expertise in international medical travel and individualised services for the premium and luxury sectors. In particular, with a focus on Switzerland as destination and the sectors health and wellness. Her communication skills and wide experience enabled her to successfully building, developing, marketing and commercialising products in the service sector. She is a creative and connected achiever, who regularly delivered higher than average market growth and accomplished leadership in highly competitive markets. Since 2015 she is also Vice president of Union of Chambers of Commerce Switzerland – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldavia, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Marina Werbitzky

Advisor Communications & Marketing
Business Development
Languages: German – English – French

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Started with Credit Suisse and the Institute for Education at St. Gallen University before joining the Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation Vaduz and Bank in Liechtenstein AG (today LGT), an international private equity group. Played a key role to position the Swiss Regional Airline, Crossair, to become the biggest Regional Airline in Europe and following the grounding of Swissair subsequently supported the transition to become Swiss International Air Lines. More recently shaped the marketing and public relations activities of the Zurich Opera House. Transformed Corporate Communications and Philanthropy within JTI (Japan Tobacco International) by uniting its 27,000 employees behind a single goal and defining a new corporate identity for the company. Developed the Communications and Marketing activities of AEVIS VICTORIA’s main shareholding Swiss Medical Network, the second largest group of private hospitals in Switzerland as well as corporate and medical events for an international audience. Founder and Managing Partner of Ruth Züblin Associates.

Ruth Züblin

Administrative Director
Languages: French – English – Italian – Spanish

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With a hotel management background, Ingrid Crevoiserat benefits from a strong experience at international level in administration, in particular among service companies: hotels, business center, human ressources, general management assistant and, during more than 10 years, within a large Swiss group of private clinics.

Ingrid Crevoiserat

Chief Medical Advisor
Languages: French – English – Swedish – German

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Trained at the University of Geneva, Dr Rabaeus is a cardiologist and generalist whose specialties include primary and secondary prevention, check-ups, non-invasive diagnostics, and cardiovascular rehabilitation.

Dr Rabaeus managed multiple responsibilities, including: Board member of the Clinique Générale-Beaulieu, Medical Director of the Clinique de Genolier, and Medical Director of Cardioplus. He also established the check-up program at the Clinique La Prairie, prior to becoming its Medical Director.

Throughout his distinguished and varied career, Dr Rabaeus has treated numerous international patients, in particular those from the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Russia.

Dr Mikael Rabaeus

Member of the Federal Medical Chamber
Languages: Russian-English-German-Swedish

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Certified Doctor, University of St. Petersburg, Russian Federation Uppsala University, Practical Medicine, Sweden University of Lund (Lund) legal medicine, Sweden University of Bern (Bern, ISPM), Research Medicine, Switzerland.

Medical practice University Clinics Uppsala, Örebro, Vesterås, Sweden Medical control in the fields of private educational institutions, Sweden World Mission Center, medical and social activities, Germany

Scientific research Academic Research in Human Development, Örebro, Sweden University of Bern, Department of Preventive and Social Medicine, Research Fellow, Switzerland .

Director Moscow Office
Languages: Russian – German – English – French

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With a background in economics and a specialization in international relations, Anna Golovenko has worked in Russia for several German financial services companies. She recently completed a specialized diploma in geriatric medicine.

Anna Golovenko

Development Europe and CIS
Languages: Russian – English

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Director of the renowned Russian agency Stary Dvor LLC for more than 30 years, Olga Smirnova handles complex medical travel arrangements with discretion and efficiency. Widely experience in meeting the needs of patients from the CIS, Olga also works with patients from Europe, and Greece in particular.

Olga Smirnova

Case Managers

Case Manager CCG – Switzerland
M +41 79 347 84 25
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Case Manager China – Switzerland
M +41 76 365 87 81
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Mimi Hu Kejia

Case Manager Zurich – Switzerland
M +41 77 409 92 25
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Case Manager Geneva – Switzerland
M +33 6 12 49 16 70
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Elena Hugues


Representative CCG
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Representative Iran
M +98 21 888 20 944
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Representative Ukraine
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Dr Volodymyr Sokruta

Representative Kazakhstan
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Dre Olga Han

Representative Saint Petersburg – Russia
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Polina Ovchinnikova

Representative Azerbaïdjan
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Representative Uzbekistan
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Zulifia Ruzmetova