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Why Switzerland?

Facts & figures about Switzerland

Switzerland is the best choice for your health. In a beautiful landscape with lakes and mountains among the most breathtaking in the world, the cleanest air possible, our country offers you one of the strongest network of medical services in Europe with the best technology and innovation available and world-renowned doctors and hospitals. Famous for its high-end customer service, you will find here independent doctors, following a tradition of discretion and medical safety in a peaceful and lovely atmosphere that is truly unique.

  • 12.2 % of the GDP is dedicated to medicine in Switzerland (compared to 8.8% in Europe)
  • Switzerland has the fastest growing life science cluster in the world (BioAlps)
  • 281 hospitals/clinics and more than 37'000 doctors
  • 2 airports within short and seamless transfer times to the best hospitals (Geneva and Zurich, approx. 20 min)
  • #1 Best medical care system in Europe (Euro Health Consumer Index EHCI)

We are glad to answer questions, find you the best specialist and organize the ideal medical solution for a pleasant and efficient stay.